PhD Peter Called Into The Show To Talk About The Date With Morgan2

Back in 2019, a man called Peter called into The Bobby Bones Show to say that he wanted to take Morgan2 to The Bobby Bones Show's holiday party since she said she wasn't bringing anyone. Peter lives in California and said that he would fly out to be there with Morgan2.

During the original phone call, Morgan2 said that she never wants someone flying out for her or to meet her. The discussion was tabled and nothing really happened, until Peter, dubbed PhD Peter, wrote into The Bobby Bones Show's mailbag to say that he was coming to Nashville in a week and wanted to take Morgan2 out for coffee. Bones then called PhD Peter and wanted to talk to him about coming into town. The show said that they think it would be a good idea for Morgan2 to go out on the date because the guy seemed nice.

Morgan2 was reluctant sharing that she had lasik procedure and was still getting over another illness, plus was unable to wear makeup or get around much due to the procedure. After a lot of discussion, Morgan2 said she would go as long as someone else went with her. Mike D was then asked to go on the date, so it turned into a double coffee date in Nashville.

Morgan2 shared on The Bobby Bones Show today (January 13) that she was really frustrated with the whole thing and the date was pretty uncomfortable for her. She noted that Peter was nice and polite, but the situation was just uncomfortable. They both rated the date without the other person hearing the conversation.