VIDEO: 'Mr. Grinchmas' Steals California Family's Christmas Tree From SUV

A burglar referred to as "Mr. Grinchmas," stole a $250 Christmas tree that was strapped to the top of an SUV last Friday (December 1) in a Bridgepointe parking lot. According to a Facebook post shared by the San Mateo Police Department, the owner of the vehicle went to run some errands after strapping the tree to the top of their car, and that's when the burglary occurred. The suspect pulled up next to the unattended vehicle, cut the ropes, and shoved the tree into the getaway car.

Video footage captured by a parking lot security camera (and obtained by KTVU) depicts the suspect, with just as much tender sweetness as a seasick crocodile, pulling up to the side of the car, unstrapping the tree, and racing out of the parking lot.

The police department offered a friendly reminder to those purchasing Christmas trees this season, stating the best order in which to run errands.

"This does put us in a position to remind you, there are thieves out there looking to take advantage, especially during the Christmas season. If you are out shopping, protect your packages, don't leave them in your vehicles, condense shopping bags, avoid multiple trips to your car, and if you have shopping or errands to run and plan on getting a tree, save the visit to the tree lot for the end. We always think it's possible that someone could take our tree, but rarely do we ever hear of it happening."

Try as the suspect might to stop Christmas from coming, there is still plenty of seasonal cheer to be had. The victim was able to get a replacement tree to decorate this holiday season. Information regarding the identity of the burglar or if they were captured has yet to be released.

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