The Best Steakhouse In California


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When you picture your dream dinner, does it include a thick, juicy steak garnished with herbs and butter with a side of truffle mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables? While many restaurants serve this delicious dish, there is one in each state that serves it better than the rest. Be it tenderness, marinade, or quality, something about this establishment's steak keeps customers coming back for more.

If you've been craving a steak recently, we found just the list for you!

According to a list compiled by Daily Meal, the best steakhouse in all of California is CUT in Beverly Hills. Daily Meal praised this restaurant's steak for its quality.

Here's what Daily Meal had to say about the best steakhouse in the entire state:

"Wolfgang Puck's CUT is a sleek restaurant that's become a favorite haunt of Hollywood's biggest stars. These household names are attracted to the restaurant for the same reason any other diner is: the incredible selection of expertly prepared steaks. Japanese A5 wagyu, USDA Prime beef, and both American and Australian wagyu are all on offer. The showstoppers are three sharing steaks: a 50-ounce wagyu tomahawk, a 32-ounce wagyu porterhouse, and a 24-ounce USDA Prime New York strip."

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