3 California Spots Named Among The Top 20 'Most Fun Cities' In The US

Cheerful senior friends enjoying outdoor night concert in city.

Photo: Moment RF

California houses a lot of cool cities. One of these urban areas in particular is known for being the most fun around! Be it cost-effective entertainment for the whole family or a thriving party scene, something about this city allows it to stand apart from the rest with the title of the "most fun" city in the state.

According to a list compiled by Wallet Hub, the most fun cities in California (and all of America) are San Francisco in 5th, San Diego in 16th, and Los Angeles in 20th.

Here's what Wallet Hub had to say about compiling the data to discover the most fun cities across the country:

"In order to determine the most fun cities in the U.S., WalletHub compared 182 cities — including the 150 most populated U.S. cities, plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state — across three key dimensions: 1) Entertainment & Recreation, 2) Nightlife & Parties and 3) Costs. Finally, we determined each city’s weighted average across all metrics to calculate its overall score and used the resulting scores to rank-order our sample. Our sample considers only the city proper in each case and excludes the surrounding metro area."

For a continued list of the most fun cities in America visit wallethub.com.

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