Two California Cities Named Among 10 Best 'Street Food Places' In The US

Three Chicken Tacos in hand

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Do you think that your city offers a good variety of street food?

According to press release shared by Love Holidays, there are 10 cities in the U.S. that are superior for their street cuisine. Be it tacos, noodles, or hotdogs; you name it, these 10 cities likely serve it on the street at a level of quality that rivals any other city in America.

Per the list, two of the best places to sample street food in the country are right here in California! The best places for street food in the Golden State are Los Angeles in 5th, and San Francisco in 10th. Other cities on the list include New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Orlando, and Seattle to name a few. Al Murray, chief marketing officer at Love Holidays, believes that one of the best ways to dive into the culture of a city is to try its street food!

“From food trucks to push carts, some of the best meals out there can come from street vendors. Street food is a great way to sample local cuisine and is often a cheaper way to dine when on holidays. If our research has prompted you to try street food on your next trip, a top tip would be to look out for vendors where locals are queuing, because if it’s popular with the locals, then it should be tasty.” 

Here's what the release had to say about compiling the data to discover the best street food places in the U.S:

"Street-food-related terms were added to the social listening platform, Linkfluence. Then, the total number of engagements of those terms, across US cities, was extracted and analyzed. The top locations are based on the cities with the highest engagement actions across the street-food-related terms."

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