Keith Urban & Post Malone Have A "Bro-mance" Brewing!

Keith Urban and hip-hop artist Post Malone recently collaborated during the 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley's Comeback Special. The two performed a special tribute to the King of Rock N Roll and instantly hit it off!

Apparently the two had way more in common than expected. Post Malone is known for infusing country sounds into his hip-hop songs, which is something that Urban instantly recognized.

"He's got a lot of country in him. He knows so much about country music, hip hop, rap, soul, blues, just everything. It's incfedible," Urban told CMT.

Keith also reveals that he has a nickname for Post Malone.

"Posty. That's his nickname," said Urban.

Watch Urban & Post's collaboration that took place earlier this year below:

(Thumbnail: Getty Images)

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