Dunkin' Donuts Debuts NEW Flavors For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is around the corner and Dunkin' Donuts is preparing with sweets perfect for YOUR sweet!

The company's beloved heart-shaped donuts are back for the holiday season but this a new twist! Dunkin' is introducing "bling sprinkles" to these Valentine favorites! Flavors include "Chocolate Bling Frosted, Strawberry Bling Frosted and Vanilla Bling Frosted," says Dunkin'

See below:

Dunkin' also added a BRAND NEW donut to their V-Day menu! The 'Cookie Dough & Brownie Batter Double Filled Donut' is the company's first donut to have TWO fillings inside! 

"It features both brownie batter-flavored buttercreme filling and cookie dough-flavored filling, covered with chocolate icing and crumbled pie topping," says Dunkin'.

See the mouth-watering donut below:

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