Did Carrie Underwood Just Reveal The Sex Of Her Baby On The Red Carpet?

Either Carrie Underwood really loves the color blue, or she's trying to tell us something. 

The "Cry Pretty" singer has been rocking lots of blue outfits since announcing her pregnancy in August, leading many to wonder if she is, in fact, hinting at the sex of her baby. Most recently, all eyes were on the glowing, pregnant country singer when she hit the 2018 CMT Artists of The Year red carpet in a blue, skin-tight, sequin mini-dress. While the 35-year-old singer did not disclose why she wore a blue outfit, many took it as a sign she may be having a boy.  

Carrie though did make an outfit change for her Artists of the Year performance. She performed in a black and gold mini-dress, alongside some of country music's rising stars, Hannah Mulholland, Jennifer Wayne, and Naomi Cooke (of Runaway June), and Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye (of Maddie and Tae).


Last month, while on The Ellen DeGeneres Showthe "Southbound" singer was tight-lipped when discussing the sex of her baby.  "I do [know the baby's sex]," she told Ellen before explaining how she and her husband, Mike Fisher, aren't revealing the news just yet. "We like to kind of just hold on to things for a minute. I feel like everyone knows just everything about everybody. So, we'd just like to have a little secret for a little while."

"You can tell us in a few minutes," Ellen joked. "I can probably tell you what it is. I’m good at guessing. You have a little boy right? How are you carrying versus when you were carrying him? Are you higher or lower?"

"It's a different ball game [this time]. I feel like I didn’t look pregnant and then woke up and looked like this," Carrie responded before seemingly realizing what Ellen was up to. "I feel like you're trying to get me to talk about it so I'll say he or she." After Ellen denied Carrie's claim, saying she knew other ways to get Carrie to dish the gender, Carrie went on explaining how this pregnancy has been different from her first, calling it "a different ball game."  With that, Ellen jumped in and said, "It’s a girl. It is." However, the talk show host quickly changed her mind saying, "But you did say 'it's a whole new ball game,' which indicates it could be a boy. It's either a girl or a boy." After the two joked about the 50/50 chance of it being either, Ellen then locked in on her initial guess: "I do think it's a girl though. I can see it in your eyes." 

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