Watch: Dierks Bentley Stopped By 'Ellen' To Premiere "Woman, Amen"

Dierks stopped by Ellen to sing his new song, which is a tribute to his wife, "Woman, Amen"

such a great song!!

Dierks has said about the album: "I've had the idea for a western album, but I didn't know what that even meant. was it going to be a Marty Stuart-type thing? I love that album [Way Out West]. Was it a sonic thing? A lyrical thing? A bunch of nature references? Was it Marty Robbins? So I was like, "Let's go to Telluride." There's something about it that just makes you reach for a guitar."

"It's a combination of I've never cared less in my career, and at the same time, I've never cared more. I don't care about the success of the album as much as I care about it just has to be right. And not having regrets. It's important to me to be completely focused and not miss an idea."

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