Missing Labradoodle Has Emotional Reunion With Family After Airline Loses Him Multiple Times

A Labradoodle named Cooper went missing last Wednesday after first being put on the wrong plane! Then he also  escaped when an airline employee took him outside. 

Thank goodness he was found two days later!

According to The Star, Cooper was supposed to be flying WestJet to Deer Lake, Newfoundland/Labrador from Halifax so he could be taken care of while his owners, roommates Terri Pittman and Chelsea Simon, went on vacation in Jamaica. But somehow the airline screwed up and put the Labradoodle on a flight to Hamilton. Then, when the plane landed in Hamilton, Cooper managed to get off his leash during a potty break.

"A very very overwhelming amount of mixed emotions in 2 days. This dog is everything to me, and the thought of losing him for good was sickening. It has felt like a nightmare/dream for 2 whole days. Don't ever underestimate the love of an animal, especially if you don't own one. The moment I finally had eyes on him, and submitted myself to him on his level and when his head perked up after realizing it was me, and ran to approach me... I'll never forget it. After him being so spooked and absolutely terrified of everyone else and knowing he finally had a feeling of comfort, it's such a wonderful feeling."

WestJet issued a statement saying:

 “We have offered to pay for Cooper’s vet bill and will work on getting them back home as soon as they are rested. In the days ahead, we will review our procedures in an effort to determine what happened and make changes if needed to prevent future, similar occurrences.”

Now that's how you avoid a PR nightmare!

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