Brett Eldredge on Finding Love: ‘I’m Ready’


Brett recently opened up to People Magazine about finding love!

“I’ve been writing about the search for love, the loss of love, falling out of love and falling in love — it’s been a very soul-searching record. There’s some pain in there,” Eldredge told People at the ACM Awards. “The want for love and searching for it and how to find it. I’m very specific with what I want to find, and I think that’s where it’s true, because that’s where I’m at.”

“I’m just wanting to find that gal that wants my heart,” he furthers, “Because I’m ready to give it.”

He told Bobby Bones that he is looking for someone with a sense of humor. But, most importantly, someone who is open to new experiences. “I just want somebody that just loves to live for every day, and every day’s a new journey that you can go down, and somebody that will go down that journey with me. I’m always looking for her. I’m always thinking about her, as if she’s already here,” the singer says. “But I’m waiting. I’m ready.”

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