Here's How Much Emma Watson is Earning As Belle in "Beauty and the Beast"

Emma Watson is reportedly set to make millions off of the role as Belle. The Hollywood Reporter says that Watson got $3 million up front to play the role.

Her final pay, which depends on the film's worldwide box office gross, is likely to go up to $15 million assuming Beauty and the Beast brings in a total close to Maleficent's $759 million. (It's already off to a strong start, with $16.3 million from Thursday previews, per Deadline.)

According to Cosmo, her pay as a princess in some cases exceeds those of action heroes. Chris Pratt made less than $10 million from Jurassic World, Forbes reports. Robert Downey Jr. brought in $40 million from The Avengers: Age of Ultron, while Scarlett Johansson earned $20 million, according to Business Insider. Chris Evans made $6.9 million and Chris Hemsworth got $5.4 million.

Disney owns Marvel, the studio behind Avengers, and was reported by Variety in November 2015 to be actively working to balance the pay discrepancy between men and women.

Emma additionally made $60 million for all eight Harry Potter movies combined. 

She's just 26. 


LoL my life clearly went wrong somewhere.

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