This Girl's Neighbor Told Her to Stop Smoking Cigars but She Was Just Eating a Taquito

This is hilarious because this happened in my hometown of Overland Park, Kansas! Of course it did. LoL

This girl is now going majorly viral after the woman she babysits for thought her taquito was a cigar.

Amy texted Sarah that her husband Randy had spotted her with "a cigar of some sort" and explained, "A lot of children live on the street so I will speak on their behalf and request you keep your habits private from the kids!"

Sarah just texted back with a photo of her snack.

"I feel bad because in my opinion [my neighbor] is crazy nice and I get where she's coming from," Sarah told BuzzFeed News. "She hasn't responded, I'm assuming out of embarrassment."

Nearly 50,000 people have retweeted the exchange and another 250,000 have liked it.

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