Hacks To Simplify Back-To-School Shopping

Ready or not, back-to-school time is already here for some of us. It may feel like summer just kicked off, but lots of kiddos are heading back to class and that means lots of shopping for parents. To help make the process easier, some retailers have special promos and online resources, you just need to know where to look. These tricks and tips can help simplify back-to-school shopping and maybe save you a little money, too.

  • Walmart- You probably already know this is a good place to find low prices on expensive supplies, like a graphing calculator, which Walmart has for $88. But the retailer also has a special feature that can help when you need larger items but don’t want them taking up space for weeks. Theirorder and hold optionlets you enter a school’s name, find the closest Walmart and order items to pick up when it’s convenient.
  • Target- They may not have the cheapest prices, but Target has all the cute, fun extras to personalize lockers and dorms. They also offer anonline checklistto help make sure you get everything you need for your college-bound kid.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond- If your teen is heading to college, they have anonline featurethat lets you search by school and download a residence info sheet with the kind of bedding needed, storage items you can bring and what’s already included in the dorm. They also have a freepack and holdservice that lets you buy ahead of time and pick up at a store near the school later.
  • Amazon- No matter how organized you are, there will always be things you forget, so Prime can save you with two-day shipping you can have sent straight to the dorm. Along with checklists for different levels of schooling, Amazon also offers online registries for any occasion, so you can make a list of what your student needs for family and friends to pitch in with back-to-school supplies.


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