Yuba County Animal Shelter Overcrowded, May Have To Euthanize

posted by Heather Kemp - 

Courtesy: Yuba County Animal Care Services

Yuba County Animal Care Services is overcrowded and may have to start euthanizing cats and dogs soon as a last resort.

The shelter is full of stray animals and needs the public's help. 

They are asking everyone to spay and neuter their pets, sign up to foster animals or adopt a new family member.

It's $50 to adopt dogs and cats. Kittens under four months old are $8 including.

Lincoln-based FieldHaven Feline Center is raising money to help the shelter.

We need your help at Yuba County Animal Care Services. http://fieldhaven.com/falling-off-the-mountain/ The shelter has...

Posted by FieldHaven Feline Center on Wednesday, July 11, 2018


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