Lynda Clayton's communication style is warm, inviting and upbeat. She talks 'with' you and has an instant personable quality that conveys a lasting "friendship" with her listeners. While Lynda's voice is often heard nationally for highly visible products and services, her extensive tenure as a full/time radio personality in Sacramento, Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles as well as globally on internet radio, has brought millions of people daily opportunities to smile, feel a part of and be with Lynda as a trusted and respected friend. Lynda Clayton started in radio at a young age of 17. She has now had over three decades as a local radio personality in Sacramento (KSSJ, KGBY-Y92) coming from San Diego (KGB-FM), Los Angeles (KLOS, KMET) and Phoenix (KDKB). Lynda Clayton is a gregarious, motivating talent with a gift for immediately connecting with her audience. Her refreshing combination of humor and integrity makes Lynda a favorite among listeners and advertisers.As a voice talent, Lynda Clayton can deliver a smile, a straight voice with urgency for call to action as well as an inviting comfortable and smooth invitation. She can be the fantasy needed (as in her Disney promos) or the compelling  voice needed for a luxury car or the serious voice needed for a presentation or narration. Her talents include character voices inspired by the many characters she has encountered along life's road. Her delivery is known for being smooth, rich with humor, insight, and refreshing common sense. 

Lynda identifies quickly with the needs of her clients. Her compelling and entertaining anecdotes have motivated women and men, parents, business professionals and students to listen 'with' Lynda as if they already 'know her'.Lynda Clayton is someone who simply has a trusted voice. Clayton brings a fresh creative twist to all her productions. Ask those who have worked with her, Lynda Clayton is considered one of the best in the business.Philanthropy:Over 30 years of helping local charities raise awareness and support their causes. Lynda Clayton produced Rock'in the Vineyard for three consecutive years benefitting F.E.A.T. (Families for Early Autism Treatment). Her current personal involvement is helping produce concerts and local events for benefitting therapeutic music programs for all ages, all reasons, all life. started in 2016 and with one concert event featuring guitarist Craig Chaquico, Lynda Clayton helped raise over $50,000 giving financial support to implement music programs in our local memory care facilities and apply the wonders of

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