Maren Morris Recalls Career Moment That Changed Everything

Maren Morris is performing at the iHeartFestival this weekend in Las Vegas along with Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show ahead of her appearance to perform her newest song "I Can't Love You Anymore."

Whenever Morris has a new song go to country radio, it's because of her fans. She told Bobby Bones that she listens to what her fans react to the most on the road, and that's the song she chooses to go to country radio. She will be touring through the end of the year, ending the whole run with a hometown show in Nashville at Bridgestone Arena. On her tour, Morris has a crowd microphone to hear feedback from the fans while the show is happening. Recently, she had a really drunk fan next to the crowd microphone so she couldn't hear much due to the fan overpowering the microphone audio.

When she's not touring, Morris spends her time at home with her husband Ryan Hurd and their child Hayes. Their favorite thing to do is put Hayes to bed and watch a trending TV show. Currently they're watching House of Dragon and The Handmaid's Tale together. They're pretty good about waiting for one another to watch episodes, like with the finale of Better Call Saul, Hurd waited for Morris to get back from touring to watch it. Her song "Circles Around This Town" played on a new show Bones has been watching called The Patient on Hulu. Morris didn't know that was happening ahead of time, but felt super honored because it's a Steve Carrell show and she loves him. Talking about her song "Circles Around This Town," Morris shared that the song made her feel like she was re-entering music again. The song was really autobiographical for her to write with Hurd and Julia Michaels. She felt like the song allowed her to get back to her roots with less production and flash. Adding that it felt like a great, refreshing way to get out of the pandemic.

Looking back at her career, Morris remembered a label that passed on her several times at the beginning. It wasn't until she put her song "My Church" out and Keith Urban heard it, then offered her an opening slot on his tour that she felt vindicated. After that, her song hit country radio and the perfect storm of things happened. "My Church" didn't even go top 5 on the charts, but to Morris it didn't matter. She had several songs follow that became top streamers like "The Bones" and "The Middle." One thing that's changed for her over the years of being an artist has been her circle of artist friends. Morris said her group of friends doesn't care about the fame or the flashiness of being an artist, they are people who sing beautiful things, are brave, and stand up for things they believe in.

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