Cheetos Cookies Exist, and Here's Where to Find Them

Love Cheetos? Me too! Especially the crunchy ones...drooling just thinking about it!

Well, how about a Cheeto COOKIE?

 I'm not so sure about that one!

Well, it's a real thing thanks to Ross Canter, the co-owner and baker at Cookie Good in Santa Monica, California.

Ross was talking to LAist about his creative concoction:

 "Cheetos popped into my head. I do love Cheetos so this kind of thing does sometimes happen."

“I knew it had to be thick and chewy, salty and cheesy, have the soft crunch and slight corny flavor of Cheetos and, if possible, it’d be great if the cookie could turn fingertips orange. The next day, armed with a party-sized bag of Cheetos and a tub of cheddar cheese powder, we got to work. The result was everything I hoped it’d be.”

If you're planning a trip to SoCal...let me know how they are!!

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