Here's Why California Gas Prices Are Rising Again

Cost of fuel

Photo: Getty Images

Gas prices are currently rising throughout the Golden State, and this is surely not the first time. According to KTLA, some Californian's are paying nearly $2 above the national average for an unleaded gallon of gas.

KTLA mentioned that the recent surge could be due to "strict environmental regulations." According to FOX11, California uses a "special blend" of gasoline that limits greenhouse emissions and is higher in price than gasoline used in other states. Another contributing factor in gas prices climbing throughout the state is the gas tax. California has the second highest gas tax in all of America.

A map shared by AAA shows which counties have to pay the most and least for gas. According to the map, residents of Northeast California, Los Angeles, and Orange County are paying anywhere from $6 to $6.60 per galloon of unleaded gas. Residents of both Fresno and San Diego are still paying in the $5 range. KTLA noted that the price of gas in Orange County has risen nearly 44 cents within the last week alone.

As of September 27th, the average price of gas in the United States is $3.74, and the average price of gas in California is $5.88 per gallon.

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