Krispy Kreme’s Lemon Glazed Donuts Are Coming Back

posted by Michelle Buckles - 

Your Monday just got a whole lot better. Lemon Glazed Doughnuts are back in participating shops TODAY. Get them before they're gone!​

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Donut worry if you missed their lemon donut last time!

It's coming back!!

To kick off summer, they offered this lemon glazed donut back in May and now they're closing summer with the same delicious donut!! 

It truly was delicious! It could have used a little bit more lemon flavor...but I'll definitely be back for another!

It's returning to stores for one week starting Monday, August 27 through Sunday, September 2.

Get ready!

That’s no ordinary glaze. Lemon Glaze Doughnuts are now available for a limited time. 🍋 🍩🤤

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