Take A Listen To Some Brand New Kenny Chesney, 'Better Boat'

Songs for the Saints, comes out on July 27th.

Kenny says about the song:

Of all the songs on #SONGSFORTHESAINTS, #BetterBoat really captures the emotion behind the events that took place in the islands after hurricanes Irma and Maria… and the months following. There’s an acceptance it takes to face those challenges and that uncertainty… the lyric has that line, ‘I ride the waves I can’t control…’ And that’s exactly how this was, and in some ways, still is. #BetterBoat is out this Friday. (Link in story)


Beautifully written...

I ain't lonely, but I spend a lot of time alone

More than I'd like to, but I'm okay with staying home

By how the last few months have changed

I smile of mourn despite the pain

I breathe in, I breathe out

Got friends to call who let me talk about

What ain't working, what's still hurtin'

All the things I feel like cussing out

Now and then I let it go

Around the waves I can't control

I'm learning how to build a better boat

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