Take A Listen To New Kenny Chesney: "Pirate Song"

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Pirate Song is out today and it’s a love song to everything the islands have always been: freedom, time slowing down, being calm and at sea. Even when my friends and people I knew were coming through my house after the storms came through, I knew the essence of what those islands are couldn’t be extinguished inside them. #SONGSFORTHESAINTS isn’t about the destruction and devastation as much as it is the beauty of life in the islands and the way its people create a life that is their own. Anyone who’s got a job, a schedule, a list of responsibilities and people to answer to understands that yearning to be free. This song is about being unplugged, off the grid, sailing where the boat takes you and letting the cares drift away. It’s never that easy, but I love that line about Saint Christopher on a silver chain, say a prayer, and sail away… because it is also that easy if you’ll just surrender. That’s why when they asked me to pick a song to send out early, I picked this one. It’s everything I wish for everyone in @noshoesnation: the ability to let go and melt into the stillness. We all want to be pirates in some way or another. It’s such a romantic idea, so rock & roll, and it’s also so much more... and less. Link to listen in bio.

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Take a listen to his new song, "Pirate Song"


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