Hello Nostalgia: Airheads Made Mystery Flavor Frozen Push Pops

posted by Michelle Buckles -

New? New to me anyway 7-11/ 7-Select White Mystery Airhead flavored push tubes. This is just the kind of icy treat I love -creamy and smooth. ( milk is even listed as an ingredient ) I don’t think there’s an answer to what the mystery flavor is but mine tasted a lot like pineapple. 🍍 FOUND IN 7-11. #7eleven #711 #7select #7selectwhitemysteryairheadpushtube #airheads #airheadswhitemystery #pushtube #notapushpop #whitemysteryairhead #airheadfrozentreat #mystery #whatstheflavor #711isthebest #7elevenfinds #imknowntobeanairheadattimes

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Who remembers this mystery airhead flavor?!

OMG this was like my favorite thing in the whole world back in the day!!!

They've been spotted at 7-Eleven stores as a PUSH POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which also reminds me of how much I used to love those Flinstones push pops!

Oh, the good old days!!



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