THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Costco Now Sells Acai Bowls

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Snack @ Costco Hawaii Kai | I finally got to try the acai bowl at Costco. I’ll admit, I had reservations about Costco’s ability to mass produce an acai bowl the same way they do pizzas. Starting with the positives, I was pleasantly surprised Costco used fresh strawberries and blueberries... and lots of it. I was totally expecting a frozen fruit situation, like McDonald’s yogurt parfait. I also really liked the granola and banana chip mix. It added great texture, and the banana chips didn’t get soggy like how granola will in acai bowls. And no one can complain about the $4.99 price. Unfortunately, the actual acai blend wasn’t great. The texture was icy and the acai flavor was faint. It was like a frozen sorbet without the accompanying strong flavor. The staff said the machine wasn’t working before, so maybe it was a bad batch...? But next time, I’m going to ask if I can substitute in the vanilla soft serve. For those of you who have tried it, what did you think? Did I just get unlucky?

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Acai bowls are a weekend staple for me!

Costco is now coming through to bring us even more life with a $5 ACAI BOWL!!!

I think they look pretty tasty!



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