Walmart's Selling Its Own Kind Of Dunkaroos

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Dunkaroos commercial circa 1994. | Today's kids will never know how exciting it was to receive these in your lunch !

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HELLO nostalgia!!

Wal Mart recently brought back their own version of DUNKAROOS.

Remember those?! I swear I've spent my whole adult life in search of dunkaroos and those one weird koala candies filled with chocolate that I used to love as well.

The good old days!

I haven't tried the new wal mart version, but you better believe I will!

They're called Dunk N Crunch.

Dunk ‘N Crunch! Spotted this right by the checkout in Walmart and had to snag it. I’ve never had Dunkaroos but have heard so many good things about it, that I was hoping this would taste similar! Guys you can’t get much simpler than this. Shortbread cookies with a sprinkle/birthday cake/vanilla frosting. So good. Not sure if it tastes like Dunkaroos did, but I don’t care. I’ll be eating this whole thing if you need me☠️ Rate: 9/10. Found @: Walmart🎂🍪

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90’s babies unite!!! Walmart brought back their own version of Dunkaroo’s. Of course not as good as the real thing, but I’m still pretty excited 😍😍 #90sbabies #dunkaroos

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OR, you could always make your own using Teddy Grahams! That almost looks even better!

@thecarboholic eats way too good 🍭🍪🍦😍 send me some! #dunkaroos#dessert#snack#colorful#sprinkles#teddy#foodcoma#foodie#foodlover#snacker#foodblog#instaeater#reposter#repost#follow#like#foodinspiration#foodieclub#junkie#foodaholic

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