You Can Now Buy Frosé By The Pint

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It’s the first day of spring and Frosé sorbet just dropped online. 🎙👇 Tap to shop or head to the link in bio for more new arrivals.

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I'm going to need one for every week this summer. 

Please and thank you!! 

It's made in Sonoma Valley and available right now across the country. It's $12 for a pint, but I will call that a small price to pay for fun all summer long!

Jeni's Splendid also has an online store where you can buy any flavor your heart desires!

Click -->check and see which stores in your area carry this delicious treat!!

🌈 Rainbow BFY. A smashing combination of tastes and aromas: passion fruit, raspberry, and key lime yogurts. Tropical, tart, and uber creamy. Available in scoops at our scoop shops.

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