Florida, California Are The Top Two Sinful States In America

Florida beat out California and Nevada to claim the mantle of most sinful state in America. The list was put together by WalletHub, and ranked the states based on "38 key indicators of immorality," such as Google searches for porn and drug overdose deaths. 

Florida ranked number one in the jealousy category, which looked at data on crimes such as theft and fraud. 

Ohio is the state with the most "excesses and vices." Nevada, home of Las Vegas, ranked 20th in that category but was number one when it comes to greed and laziness. 

New York, which was ranked as the 20th most sinful state, was the vainest state in the nation and has most beauty salons per capita. 

On average residents of Mississippi spend the most time watching adult entertainment. 

If you want to live a life free from sin, the best state for you in Vermont, which was ranked 50th. 

You can see where your state ranks on the map below. 


Photo: Getty Images


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