FYI: Reusable Water Bottles Will Not Be Allowed At Riverfest

If you're anything like me...I take my S'well bottle with me everywhere I go. In years past you could bring a reusable water bottle into Riverfest. 

But don’t fill your cute S’well or CamelBak bottles with icy water and approach the gates – because your water bottles aren’t getting in.

After questions were raised on social media earlier this week, Wichita Riverfest organizers are clarifying their stand on outside water.

Via the Wichita Eagle:

Their decision: When the festival opens on Friday, people will be able to bring in outside water but only if it’s purchased from a store and still sealed. Refillable bottles or bottles that have previously been opened will not be allowed in.

“The bottom line is that we can’t know the origin or content of outside food or beverage items, but we’ll allow patrons to bring in bottles of water still sealed from purchase,” Jarvis said.

Good to know!

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